• 22
  • female
  • owner of a large dog
  • black belt in Tae Kwon Do
  • allergic to latex, shellfish, and penicillin
  • just hesitated to write that out of an illogical fear you’ll try to kill me
  • panic disorder, agoraphobia, OCPD
  • oddly obsessed with all things medical; utterly terrified of needles but completely capable of starting an IV in seconds
  • hypocritical, contradictory, illogical, irrational, offensive
  • uses swear words with great glee
  • dabbled in being a model and got some nifty photos out of it
  • live-in nanny for two boys 4 and 7


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  1. I think I found your blog the same day you found mine! So funny and such great writing! I was hoping to find a picture because , “what does he/she look like?” is always the first question out of my mouth.

Wow, I can even change the prompt? Neat. Talk to me!

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