In Which I Sell You Something


So it’s been a while. Sorry. I totally didn’t have anything funny or interesting or even pathetic to say so I just sort of wandered away for a while. I still don’t have anything great but I wanted to share a quick tale of a razor.

So I have an account with bzzagent and they gave me a free razor to try out and share if it’s awesome. I figured I’d do it because it is actually pretty cool. I almost never use a woman’s razor, men’s razors are way better as far as I’m concerned. This one does alright for itself.

-The design is friggin brilliant. Buy it for this if nothing else. They added a little dip to the handle that keeps the razor head off of the edge of the shower/tub — it is awesome. No waste of the moisturizing strip, no sticking to the tub.
-No cuts! I didn’t get any cuts/nicks/etc, it was rad. I’m a total pain in the ass with shaving like I’m attacking my legs as fast as possible and I usually get a few cuts.
-The moisturizing strip, it does a good enough job.

-The damn moisturizing strip. They thought they were getting all creative with it and it’s gooey and not great after the initial shaving swipe. I don’t dig it for that reason, but WHILE shaving it’s effective.
-The razor itself is already starting to feel less effective after just a few shaves. It isn’t bad, just less awesome. But it’s not uncommon I suppose. I just hoped it would last longer. I’m cheap and I like to get bang for my buck.

So, there. I’m back to sell you something and then perhaps later I shall also bring you tidings of funny things since I’m working all the time now at a Doctor’s office and I may just be exhausted enough to be amusing again. Yay!


Wow, I can even change the prompt? Neat. Talk to me!

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