Monthly Archives: December 2011



So tomorrow is my birthday. I’ll be 23 in 7hrs. GASP!

I have a friend who is a Rocket Scientist (really!) and he is the definition of Generous Friend. He’s a nice guy, super socially awkward but very intelligent and pleasant. So he gave me two presents last night.

Technically I could open them both but he suggested I wait and open them on my birthday so I can have something to open. Liking the idea I immediately opened one when I got home.

Now the second present? It’s mocking me. It’s sitting there in all it’s prettily wrapped glory and it’s mocking me. The worst part is that I COULD open it RIGHT NOW. But I don’t want to spoil it for myself. BUT I REALLY REALLY DO.

I’ve never progressed past 12. Sigh.

So I’m obsessing over it.


I keep peeking in on one side of it that’s rumpled up a bit.

Yield your secrets, motherfucker.

Yield them.


Six hours and 46 minutes.


I shall lie in wait.


Sometimes I feel like a princess


So I went to a photoshoot yesterday with a full team for the first time. Costume, hair, makeup, photographer. It was …well, amaaaazing. I’ve never seen a photo of myself after a shoot that made me feel so much like a princess as this one.



I keep meaning to update more with funny stuff but strangely enough I’m having a hard time with it. I’ve been too sane lately. Hell.