Okay, seriously, what the hell is this?


So, I’ve had this blog since Monday when I remembered my Wil Wheaton story and decided it had to be shared and then when my writing made me chuckle I figured “I’m awesome, time for a blog.” Maybe not exactly like that but whatever.

So my first day I got 43 views and I was like “AWESOME.”

Then, 10. Which seemed logical since my day 2 post wasn’t about Wil Wheaton.

Then, 14. Also awesome.

Then, yesterday, 59.

Today it’s 3pm and I’m up to 54.


What the fuck is going on here?

Are there like 50 webcrawlers running all over my page? Googling says they go like a couple times a month not 50 times a day. So I don’t understand and I’m confused.

My friend Rhys suggested it might be a good idea to just post asking “what the hell?” So…if you’re reading, say something? Explain to me how the fuck I have 54 views already? Are you all sitting there and refreshing the page a few times to screw with me?

That’s it, isn’t it?

I’m on to you now.

Stop it.


Stop it right now.


I’m off to spend the weekend away from the Internets, so I probably won’t be posting again until Monday.



Update: I changed my mind. Go ahead and sit refreshing. It was much more fun to watch the numbers skyrocket daily.


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Wow, I can even change the prompt? Neat. Talk to me!

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