Sometimes I Do it to Entertain Myself


I have a dog, as I’ve said. She’s an Australian ShepherdxGolden Retriever I adopted from a shelter as a rambunctious puppy three years ago. She’s big, intimidating, and a source of comfort for me when I’m afraid the squeak I heard is a serial killer approaching my room with an axe.

Her given name is Avalon, but I can’t help calling her about 80 silly nicknames off and on.

One of them has gotten more and more amusing for me the more I’ve added to it.


Originally: “Dog.”

Then, that wasn’t amusing enough: “Doglington.”

When that didn’t do enough: “Sir Doglington.” (Yes, she’s a girl and I’m a dork)

Finally, while sitting at a stoplight after picking up the youngest of the two children I nanny for today, I dubbed her: “Sir Doglington of the Order of the Green Collar.”


I don’t think anyone else but me finds it funny, but really I’m my own audience most of the day so that’s no surprise.

Updated: I get it from my mom. She calls her parrot, Hobo, “Pepper.” Or “Sergeant Pepper.” Or “Sergeant Pepper and the Lonely Hearts Band.” (all periods optional in pronunciation)…I know that’s the name of a band but it makes me laugh all the same. She had a little song about “wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper too?” That she sings now and then. My mom made me who I am. Blame her.


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  1. Our dog Gordon has about 95 names. Just a few:
    Poopy McPooperson
    Mr. Pumpernickle
    Mr. Rye (two totally different personalities – it’s a jekel hyde thing..)

    • I’m especially fond of Monkarama…although the split personality names are also fabulous. I’ve found “Squeaken Z. Dog” to be appropriate when Avalon finds the noise maker in a toy and follows me around the house for half am hour with it.

  2. I have a friend who named her dog “Hey You” but then started saying it to her son when she wanted his attention. Usually the dog paid her more attention than the kid.

  3. My dog is a huge great Dane named Sir William…he is also imaginary so he only has one name because if I had an imaginary dog with more than one name that would just be weird. Aww…the joys of allergies which keep me from having a real Sir William. I do have a cat, he lives outside, and his name is Dromio…he’ll answer by a few other names but just don’t call him Romeo; he hates it for some reason.

  4. Oh young one, I don’t think you’re a dork. We have 6 dogs- all rescues and each one has a plethora of nicknames.

    Our granddog Charlie Brown, who died about 4 months ago was Sir Charles Brown Houndsington III.

    He even had his own FB page.

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