Failure: A Tale of High Heels


So I went out to a club a few weeks ago with a friend of mine. Thinking I would look extra awesome, since she always looks incredible, I wore leggings, a skirt, an adorable shirt, colourful makeup, and my 5″ stiletto heels.

Things I learned:

  • I can’t walk in those suckers despite all my practice attempts
  • I don’t handle aching feet well
  • I shouldn’t drink while wearing 5″ heels
  • No, really, I shouldn’t

After I almost broke my ankle trying to dance I sort of planted my feet and waggled around. Even then I couldn’t stay balanced, even holding on to my friend. So finally we gave up.

Fortunately I had a pair of mismatched shoes in my car trunk. I took the heels off and carried them as I walked barefoot through the night streets of Denver toward my car, unperturbed by claims that I should really be wearing shoes. At this point I could have walked on broken glass and it would have hurt less than those damn heels.

I spent the rest of the night wearing one gold and brown sneaker and one Converse — gray with a bunch of colourful unnecessary zippers.


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